WhatsApp Rival LINE started own Social Networking called Tale


One of the most popular messenger app in the world Whatsapp which has a massive 900 million people on its platform which is closely followed by the Line app which has 600 million user base worldwide. The Line messenger app is very popular in the Asian countries mostly in Japan where the app originated then Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Why the Real Facebook Killer Won't Be a Social Network


A few months ago, the whole world seem to have finally discovered Ello, about a year after the "private" social network first launched. Like everyone else, we too got in line for an invite, and said hello to Ello. Unfortunately, the hottest new social network of 2014 eventually turned out to be pretty dull.

WhatsApp-ening to Your Privacy and Security on Facebook?


Facebook has acquired messaging app WhatsApp for what seems like a jaw-dropping amount, but the fact is, that's about how much our personal data is worth to advertisers and social networks.


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