University of Pittsburgh: Research Shows Too Much Social Media Causes Depression

If you're using more than two kinds of social media platform, you might consider curbing down the number of networking sites you're using. A new research has revealed that it's not just about the quantity of time you spend on social media that can harm you but the amount of social media sites you have or visit that can affect your mental health.

Twitter Warns Some Users Of ‘State-Sponsored’ Cyber Attacks

Social networking site Twitter is reportedly sending e-mails to some of its users, warning them of probable state-sponsored cyber attacks against them, which might leave their accounts with the microblogging platform, compromised. According to the report, the social network is advising various news organizations and NGOs that they may be the targets of hackers backed by nation states, who might look to steal their potentially private information including telephone numbers, e-mail IDs and IP addresses.

Twitter opens up polls to everyone

If you've been wondering which candy your Twitter followers prefer -- Red Vines or Twizzlers, -- the social networking company has your back. Starting today, the micro-blogging service is rolling out its poll feature to iOS, Android and on for desktop. Now users can embed two-question ballots into their tweets. Each poll is open for 24 hours and all votes are secret. So, no one will know about your secret love of Twizzlers when you live in a Red Vines family.




The life of a retired senior can be a quiet one, with family and friends spread far and wide. But gaining mastery of the digital world at this later stage in life can mean the difference between suffering in isolation and leading the life of a (virtual) social butterfly.

Over the last two years, several studies have shown that seniors engaged with technology and connected through social media tend to have higher self esteem and are less likely to fall into depression, especially those living alone or in a retirement home.

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