A startup just sued Google for censoring its 'free speech' social network

Gab just sued Google for employing anticompetitive practices after banning the app from the Google Play Store, The Washington Post reported.

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Launched by former ad tech founder Andrew Torba last year, Gab has gained significant traction as an alternative social network. Gab promotes itself as a free speech platform and therefore has attracted members of the alt-right and white supremacists who are able to share their views without fear of being banned.

ocial networking app Yubl seeks new funds as it prepares to expand into Europe

A LONDON-based social networking app that connects groups of people is aiming to raise up to £20m in venture capital as it gears up for expansion into Europe.

Yubl, which combines a mixture of messaging, photo sharing and graphics, launched in the UK in February. The firm has 150,000 active monthly users, mostly age 18 to 24, and lets members create posts that other users can interact with, such as suggesting dinner locations.

Chief executive Gareth Evans said: “We cherry pick different functions, make them better and put them in one place.”

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