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This Social Media Platform Spent $30 Million for a Domain Name

While companies are striving to find and efficiently manage funds by cutting down costs in all possible ways, a crypto-currency based startup Block.

One has burnt out a whopping $30 million for purchasing the domain “” for its social media app Voice.


98.55% of People use at Least 4 Social Media Platforms Daily

In the past few years, the popularity of social networking is rapidly increasing in a short period. Social media was originally created to communicate and keep in contact with those near and afar. But with the growing popularity of social media took an unusual turn and has become one of the most effective advertising platforms. At present, there are numerous SMM firms; at GoodFirms you can reach the Top Social Media Marketing Companies that will help you to drive traffic to your website and generate more leads.

Dangers of social networking sites revealed to parents

Social media and internet safety was the focus of a special event held Thursday evening at Neosho High School for parents of students within the district. Alissa Hendricks, Treatment Court administrator for both Newton and McDonald counties, served as host for the evening.

Twitter Warns Some Users Of ‘State-Sponsored’ Cyber Attacks

Social networking site Twitter is reportedly sending e-mails to some of its users, warning them of probable state-sponsored cyber attacks against them, which might leave their accounts with the microblogging platform, compromised. According to the report, the social network is advising various news organizations and NGOs that they may be the targets of hackers backed by nation states, who might look to steal their potentially private information including telephone numbers, e-mail IDs and IP addresses.


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