Google's New Social App 'Spaces' Is For Niche, Intimate Social Networking


Google released a new social app called “Spaces” on Monday for web and iOS/Android devices. The app, which is neither a social network nor a messaging platform, features integration with YouTube, Chrome and Google Search.

What exactly is it? According to Luke Wroblewski, the app’s Product Director, it is a "destination for when you want to share, and talk about what you're sharing.” Wroblewski told Mashable that Spaces allows for conversations to be created -- like message threads -- where content can be shared.

Google now puts Tumblr-style posts from celebs and businesses in search results

Google's social networking endeavors may have stumbled in recent years, but the company has no intention of giving up, with the latest attempt coming in the form of a new feature called Google Posts.

The feature is currently only available to presidential candidates and will allow the politicians to share images, video and text that will surface when Google search users look up the candidate's name.

Here's what you do after you create Google+: Start fresh

Vic Gundotra, the guy who created Google+, doesn't want to talk too much about it.

After more than a year of traveling — London, Montreal, Hawaii — and spending time with family, Gundotra announced Wednesday — on his Google+ page, of course — that he is returning to the tech world as CEO of AliveCor, a health startup that has received FDA approval to use smartphones and tablets to detect heart conditions.

He claims to have had no second thoughts about working in tech after leaving Google. He was just waiting to find a small team doing something worthwhile.

Google Asks 'Who's Down' For A New Social Network? Kids Answer GroupMe, Facebook, Texts And Snapchat

Google -- or what we may someday call Alphabet Inc. -- is once again trying its hand at social networking. This time, as with the ill-fated Google Plus, it's diving years late into a market already filled with players.


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