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A startup just sued Google for censoring its 'free speech' social network

Gab just sued Google for employing anticompetitive practices after banning the app from the Google Play Store, The Washington Post reported.

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Launched by former ad tech founder Andrew Torba last year, Gab has gained significant traction as an alternative social network. Gab promotes itself as a free speech platform and therefore has attracted members of the alt-right and white supremacists who are able to share their views without fear of being banned.

'Facebook, Google are part of the problem in Israel's war on terror'

Public security minister made the remarks during the JPost annual conference in New York.

Public security minister made the remarks during the JPost annual conference in New York.

pass legislation against social media and Internet giants like Facebook and Google if they do not take steps to curb anti-Israel “incitement,” Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York on Sunday.

Google's New Social App 'Spaces' Is For Niche, Intimate Social Networking


Google released a new social app called “Spaces” on Monday for web and iOS/Android devices. The app, which is neither a social network nor a messaging platform, features integration with YouTube, Chrome and Google Search.

What exactly is it? According to Luke Wroblewski, the app’s Product Director, it is a "destination for when you want to share, and talk about what you're sharing.” Wroblewski told Mashable that Spaces allows for conversations to be created -- like message threads -- where content can be shared.


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