Facebook begins testing dating project internally


SAN FRANCISCO: In a bid to take on mobile dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, Facebook has begun testing its dating project internally with employees.

According to a report in The Verge on Friday, an independent app researcher Jane Manchun Wong found evidence of the dating feature testing and posted it on Twitter.

"This product is for US Facebook employees who have opted-in to dogfooding Facebook's new dating product.

"The purpose for this dogfooding is to test the end ..


Need a customer support number for Facebook? Read this first


Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site in the world. Its popularity continues to grow, surpassing the 2 billion active monthly user mark earlier this year. Isn't that incredible?

With that many users, problems are bound to arise. If something does go wrong, how would you contact Facebook? Doing a simple Google search for Facebook customer support could turn you into the victim of a scam. You really need to be careful with this.

Facebook News Feed Is Now More Legible And Easy To Navigate


The Facebook News Feed is now easier to navigate and read, thanks to the latest changes by the social networking giant. On Wednesday, the company said that it has made some design tweaks, including in comment style and readability, to make the platform more user-friendly.

Facebook News Feed now more user-friendly


Banned on Facebook: how the social network tackles controversial topics


A number of documents and manuals used to train Facebook’s moderators have been exposed in an investigative report by The Guardian, revealing the type of content users are and aren’t allowed to post on the social networking site.

That includes taking some controversial stances. For instance, it’s allegedly Facebook policy to allow the livestreaming of video of people attempting self-harm, only removing the video “once there’s no longer an opportunity to help the person … unless [the videos] are newsworthy”.


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