Addicted to your smartphone? Now there’s an app for that.

The media tycoon turned wellness entrepreneur wants to keep you out of your phone, too, with a new app called Thrive. Its goal is to make it cool for a generation hooked on smartphones to occasionally detox.

Debate Continues Over Social Media Addiction

One psychologist says that "Likes" and comments activate the same reward system in the brain as cocaine use.

As medical professionals and researchers continue to debate whether there is a clinical definition for social media or internet addiction, some experts say that swiping, "liking" and commenting can be just as addictive as cocaine and opioids.

Dr. Tara Emrani, a psychologist at New York University Langone Health, told Fox News that social media interactions can release dopamine in the brain, activating the same reward system as addictive drugs.

Use Facebook's Tool to See if You Followed Russian Propaganda

It's easy to just blindly like and follow things on Facebook. You might not be fooled by accounts that appear spammy and/or fake, but there are plenty of people who have a more cavalier attitude about engaging with different entities on Facebook. And if you have a few friends or loved ones like that, it might be worth sending them a link to Facebook's just-launched tool for checking whether a user has liked or followed a page linked to Russian propaganda.

Yes, Russian propaganda.

Taylor Swift Launches Her Very Own Social Network

You can follow Taylor on the app and see what she's up to and even gain access to a SwiftSend where your posts can get her DIRECT attention!


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