No real ‘social’ in social networking


While social networking doesn’t directly lead to isolation or depression, it helps aggravate mental issues, say experts.

“Who could have imagined that a person who has 500 or 1,000 friends on Facebook can be lonely? But it is possible as they are aware that these are virtual and even fake friendship,” says Dr Ram Kumar, a Delhi-based psychiatrist and counsellor.

Facebook sees contenders in Pheed, CyPop, Myspace


Rise of small, focused social networks try to appeal to particular interests of consumers. Facebook, with 1 billion members, may be too generic for many now.

"Niche social networks won't force Facebook out of business, but they could cut into the amount of time people spend on Facebook," says Jeff Lillibridge, vice president of social media at digital-marketing firm Phizzle.

Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again

Apple's launch of the iPhone 5 in September came with a bunch of new commercials to promote the device.

But Apple didn't shout quite so loud about an enhancement to its new mobile operating system, iOS 6, which also occurred in September: The company has started tracking users so that advertisers can target them again, through a new tracking technology called IFA or IDFA.

Firefox Beta adds 'preliminary support' for Social API


The new application programming interface is intended to let developers integrate social features directly into the browser, though it doesn't sound like it's ready for prime time yet.


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