Facebook suspends data analytical firm Crimson

Facebook has suspended the account of another social media analytical firm.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal said that the social networking site had suspended the Facebook and Instagram accounts belonging to Boston based Crimson Hexagon. Facebook is investigating whether the company violated the platform's policies in regards to the collection, sharing and storing of user data. In addition, Crimson Hexagon had contracts with the U.S. government and a non-profit company connected to the Kremlin.

8 Best Practices for Emergency Communications on Social Media

Jennifer Elliott from CivicReady offers local governments best practices for emergency communications on social media.

What prompted Facebook to launch a print magazine?

What prompted Facebook to launch a print magazine?

Social networking websites emerged as one of the biggest threats for the print media over the last decade. As mobile device users can access enormous information online via social platforms, there was a question as to why anyone would want to spend money and time on physical publications.

Given this, it was somewhat surprising that Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, quietly launched in June a high-end print magazine called Grow.

Facebook Is Killing Off an Anonymous Social App That Turned Out to Be a Failure

Last year, Facebook bought an anonymous social app called tbh, which was apparently popular with teenagers—a crucial demographic for Facebook, which is seeing engagement drop among its younger users.

At the time, tbh—a platform for providing positive feedback to friends—was enjoying a terrific rise in popularity, but that doesn’t seem to have lasted. On Monday, Facebook announced that it was killing off tbh, along with two other apps that it bought or launched in recent years. The reason for closing all three apps was “low usage.”


Messi and Ronaldo's World Cup exit draws tributes from Chinese fans

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The exit of Lionel Messi's Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal from the World Cup on Sunday has aroused a wide array of responses from Chinese fans.

Some are decrying the departure of the two giants as the end of an era given their advanced age, while others are taking a more circumspect view.

Fans in the soccer-mad country have always wanted to see the two super stars in a head-to-head match in the quarterfinal round, but the first two matches of the last 16 round have disappointed them.


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