Messi and Ronaldo's World Cup exit draws tributes from Chinese fans

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The exit of Lionel Messi's Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal from the World Cup on Sunday has aroused a wide array of responses from Chinese fans.

Some are decrying the departure of the two giants as the end of an era given their advanced age, while others are taking a more circumspect view.

Fans in the soccer-mad country have always wanted to see the two super stars in a head-to-head match in the quarterfinal round, but the first two matches of the last 16 round have disappointed them.

Facebook Subscription Groups could change everything about our social networking

Would you pay for Facebook? What about just one small part you care deeply about?

Last week Facebook announced it is testing just that — a trial program called Subscription Groups, allowing a very small number of group administrators to charge a subscription fee.

It's a trial, but it could change everything about the social network. If only enough people would be willing to put their money where their data lives.

Facebook Is Finally Putting Music Back Into Social Networking

Two billion new revenue streams just opened up for the music industry in the form of Facebook's user base, which on Tuesday announced the rollout of several official music features on its immense, globe-spanning platform.

VMware shuts down enterprise social networking platform Socialcast

VMware is shutting down its enterprise social networking platform Socialcast as part of a ‘strategic decision’ to focus on aligning teams around its ‘digital workspace’ vision.

The Socialcast network reached end of availability on May 17, 2018, meaning no VMware users can begin using the platform.

How Often And What To Post on Social Media

This question has been coming up a lot lately. Business owners have been asking me via email, messenger, social media and at networking meetings, “Yasmin, how often to post and what to post on social media?”

Let’s get right to it:

If you’re a brand using social media to raise awareness of your products and services, build an engaged community of fans and customers, and drive visitors to your website, you really need to be updating all of your channels once a day, every day.



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