Which Social Media Networking Site Dominated in 2015?


Among the many networking companies available, it’s Facebook that truly delivered the best performance this year. It has gained meaningful growth in terms of users. Facebook has also experienced a significant increase in revenue.

ompared with LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter experienced a disappointing performance. Its outlook was weakened because of its very slow user growth. Twitter is also facing issues in monetizing its ad products. Then, it has seen a significant number of management changes within the year.
LinkedIn, however, has delivered a mixed performance. Its stock did tumble after its Q1 earnings but it has quickly recovered during the second half of 2015.
Stock Rising of Facebook

Among the three social networking sites mentioned above, it was Facebook that showed the most significant performance. First of all, its stock has risen around 35 percent. The solid performance also supported the healthy user base growth on its core platform and other platforms.
Then, it has experienced top-line increased during the year, mainly on its higher base. Even though its margin has slipped because of its planed increase in expenses, the future of this company still looks promising because of substantial monetization potential on its other apps, like WhatsApp, Oculus, Messenger and Instagram.
2015 for Twitter

This year wasn’t a good year for Twitter. It has witnessed tremendous big challenges. One of them is the slowdown of its user base growth. Its top-line growth has also decreased. Just like other social networking sites, Twitter is also facing problems on how to monetizse its direct response ad products.
Besides those issues, there is a host of other management changes that Twitter faces resulting in its stock to plummet by 35 percent this year. The new CEO may be making several changes to reinvigorate its user growth, the impact of Jack Dorsey’s efforts is yet to be realized.
There is a great number of changes being introduced, like Moments and a change from favourite to like button. However, the company continues to struggle in giving importance to its reverse chronological order in its timelines. If the company couldn’t keep up with the various challenges, the market could undervalue Twitter.
However, if it’s able to improve its user growth, it could surely increase its stock price.
No Change on LinkedIn

Even though the social networking site experiences a significant growth in user base, its stock price doesn’t show changes. The company’s stock has decreased during its first quarter earnings. It has also experienced a reduced outlook.
But, after the first quarter earnings have been released, its stock reacted positively during the third quarter earnings results. The company outperformed expectations. It has also delivered a significant increase in engagement metrics.
Experts believe that LinkedIn’s outlook could be strong, as long as it continues to build a publishing networking and expand its platform to international geographies, as well as improve user’s mobile experience and add more job postings.
The launching of its new products may enhance revenues in the coming years.
Over to You

What do you think of these three companies? Will Facebook continue to dominate next year or will Twitter find its way again?


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