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WeChat VoIP Messenger Allows Users to Post and Share Files on Social Networking Sites

WeChat, previously known as WeiXin, is a Chinese-based app that was developed by a Chinese tech giant that goes by the name TenCent.

This app was designed for use in China by Chinese developers since a large number of apps from the western world have been banned and are not allowed to be used in China.

What has made WeChat rise to prominence, since its inception barely three years ago, are the features it is equipped with. As of now, this app stands among the elites when it comes to global users and popularity, boasting a massive user base of more than 400 million people. Many across the globe have adopted this app for their instant messaging services as well as voice and video calling services.

WeChat is Compatible with Multiple Platforms

The good thing with this app is that it can be installed and run on most platforms. This aspect has largely contributed to the large number of users of this app. You can download and install it on any smartphone, be it an iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android or Symbian-based phone; WeChat has no any notable compatibility issue. As it stands, WeChat has an active user base that exceeds well over 250 million.

WeChat Offers Similar Services as Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Line and Tango

When you download WeChat, you’ll have a very powerful app in that this app can be used for carrying out all functions that other VoIP providers offer, and even in a much better way. Whether you want to send a message, a multimedia file, make a voice or video call; WeChat has it all covered for you. However, this app comes with additional features that make it one of the best, if not the best just yet.

Here is a quick look at the amazing features of WeChat that make it one of the most sought after mobile messengers in today’s world.

Free Video Calls

One of the closest rivals of WeChat in sending of messages is WhatsApp. While WhatsApp only offers users with the instant messaging feature alone, WeChat comes with this feature along with the voice and video calling features that are available for free.


This feature is actually a distinguishing feature and with it, WeChat is a standout. You can make use of this feature and just like posting an update on Facebook, you can share moments on WeChat using texts or pictures and your friends can comment on them as well. You won’t find this feature with any other VoIP app.

Voice Messages

WeChat is well known for its abilities when it comes to sending voice messages. If you are that type of person who doesn’t enjoy typing, this is your app for with it, you can create short voice messages and send them to friends rather than type a text.


Sometimes you can be out of words for sending a message. You don’t have to worry about this problem when using WeChat as this app comes with a wide collection of emoticons you can use to spice up your conversations.

Group Chat

Just like many other messengers, you can create a group and have regular group chats with your group members. Initially, WeChat offered its users with a maximum of 40 members in a single group. However, with updates from version 5.1; WeChat can now support groups of up to 100 people.

Shake your Phone

WeChat comes with a very unique way of connecting with new friends. By shaking your phone at the same time with another person on WeChat, you can find new random friends and start chatting.

Another feature that also works in similar capacities is known as drift bottle. You can find new friends to chat with by simply posting a message which a random user picks and replies and from there you can continue with your conversation. You can also reply to random messages and make new friends as well. Another feature for finding new friends on WeChat is the look around feature and with this feature; you can find friends within your vicinity.

Social Connect

This is the biggest part of this app where it allows users to post and share files on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, this is the only app that allows users to login to their accounts using a Facebook account.

Backup Conversations

WeChat will ensure that you won’t miss any conversation, thanks to the backup feature where you can back up all your conversations and messages. If you decide not to back up your data, WeChat will still provide a 7-day history.



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