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Snapchat's new Spectacles 3 can capture 3D photos for a very premium price

On Tuesday, Snapchat's parent company unveiled Spectacles 3, an updated version of its video recording eyewear that now comes with 3D effects.

The newly-announced glasses are sleeker than previous generations, and they allow you to create a 3D video using two high-definition cameras embedded on both sides of the spectacles. The dual cameras add depth to the imagery for realistic augmented reality.

You just press a button on the glasses to start recording. You can record up to 60-seconds of video continuously or press and hold for a still. LED indicator lights will let you know its recording.

After you capture video of your surrounding area, you can then upload it to the social networking app on iOS and Android before adding various visual effects, similar to how filters already work on the platform.

After editing the video, you can share it on Snapchat or export it to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



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