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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2018 / Findit, Inc. a Nevada Corporation that trades under the stock symbol OTC PINK: FDIT) owner of, empowers members of Findit giving them the ability to share their content posted through Findit to other popular social networking sites. Included in the sites that content can be shared to are Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and LinkedIn (MSFT) along with approximately 80 additional sites.

Findit members can utilize the platform as a Social Networking Content Management Platform, whereby you can create content you want people to see, share that content as well as have it index in search engines that include Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, "Findit, unlike many other social networking platforms, allows content to be shared from Findit to other social sites, whereas other social networking sites do not provide the option of sharing outside of those sites, only within. As a social media online marketing specialist, this is incredibly helpful for campaigns I work on to reach a wider audience in a much more efficient way that produces tangible results our clients can see."

Visitors to Findit also can share posts they see on Findit without even having to join. By providing this feature, members reach a wider audience through social that they otherwise would not reach.

Posts can be done through the Findit website or on your mobile devices with the Findit App.

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Findit offers members a content management dashboard that provides them the ability to create in-depth right now posts. A Right Now is a post that displays on the Right Now feed. Each Right Now post can include multiple content verticals. By having the various content verticals, the posts tend to be visually appealing and very often SEO friendly.

Content that can be included in one single Right Now post:

Your Message
One Outbound Link
An Audio File (which could be a podcast, music, or an interview)
News or Press Release
Members have the ability to post each Right Now status update instantly or schedule them, either by back dating them or post-date it to become live in the future.


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