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Quit Facebook for 99 Days: Social Experiment by Freedom Campaign

In this internet age, social networking forums, like Facebook, twitter are gradually becoming the integral part of our life. But have we ever thought about some of the below mentioned issues and tried to answer these questions.
Facebook browsing habit, did it made your life vulnerable?… Do you compulsively check Facebook at work, home, school, while eating or driving? Or it has something constructive in it? Have you ever given a second though to this grave issue that this irrational compulsion is interrupting every facet of your life?

If no, then ‘99 Days of Freedom’ is here for you to clear your doubts and make your life even better without social networking forums. According to several previous studies, average user spends around 17 minutes per day on Facebook. There are many users who spend more time on just idling or scrolling for latest news feeds and wall posts. The people behind the ‘99 Days of Freedom campaign’ believe just scrolling down purposelessly is sere wastage of time and this wasted time can be used in other activities that are more constructive and fun.

99 Days of Freedom is a nonprofit initiative launched by Just BV (, a creative communications agency from the Netherlands. Just BV, the company specializes in identities, brand strategy and online campaigns with a strong focus on online networking behaviour.

Asking the tech mongers to join the experiment, the ‘99 Days of Freedom’ website says:

Do you ever wonder what life is like without Facebook?

“In response to Facebook’s controversial mood experiment involving some 700,000 unwitting users, we present you 99 Days of Freedom; an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness. Joining is very simple: follow our three step instruction to join the experiment for as long as you like. We can’t wait to hear how you spend your time off.”


The main goal of the study is to know whether taking a break from Facebook can improve one’s happiness and allow them to focus more on things that have more importance.

Facebook addicts are being ruled over social life. The thinkers say the social networking forums are gradually affecting the users’ life by consuming their crucial time and taking them away from the real world. So, ‘99 Days of Freedom’ initiative aims to know whether three months hiatus could mean well for some users.

The campaigners say, “It should be interesting to see what would be the result of the campaign…How people will take part at the end of the day… At the time of writing, 5,611 persons have chosen to attack this challenge; we won’t be surprised if the number never exceeds 10,000 due to how addictive Facebook is for millions of users.”

Those who want to get back to their olden days when social networking was just a part of your work and not the life, they can join the campaign by simply log on to and follow the instructions.The steps are very simple and easy. All you need to do is download the 99 Days of Freedom image to place as your Facebook profile, create the countdown and then log out of Facebook and remove all Facebook related apps from mobile devices.


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