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New Social Networking Site Voloe Connects Users to Turn Dreams into Realities

Voloe to Award Nearly $1 Million to Help Users Accomplish Their Dreams

IRVINE, Calif., July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Want to accomplish everything on a personal wish list? Now everyone can. Voloe, (, a first-of-its kind social networking platform that promotes the sharing of goals, wishes, and dreams, announced today the launch of their online community. Voloe is an online network that encourages users to create a list of their goals and aspirations to share with their network, resulting in a collaborative environment where people actively help each other accomplish items on their lists. If someone wants to learn surfing, a friend or colleague may be just the person to help make that dream come true. If conquering Mount Everest is on a dream list, acquaintances that have the same dream can combine resources and make it happen quicker than anyone thought possible.

Voloe is an innovative platform that incorporates the concept of crowd sourcing and social networks to help people realize their own goals and wishes and to pay it forward by helping other people accomplish their dreams. What results is a social movement that spreads kindness and creates a community of people motivated by higher levels of engagement with their network and ultimately by helping each other.

"Voloe's theory is that social media could be used for a greater purpose," said Andy Firoved, Chief Executive Officer at Voloe. "We are excited about creating a movement that transforms social networking into a tool that helps people accomplish their goals and dreams, and reach self-actualization."

To prove their theory, Voloe will have weekly giveaways such as tickets to sporting events, concerts and other entertainment venues to help users meet their dreams, align their interests and experience life events. Voloe will also be holding a series of contests to award nearly $1 million in estimated value to its users. To kick off the launch of the website, Voloe has announced its first contest in the series: the "2014 Make Your Dreams Come True" contest. The contest will include 213 prizes, totaling $50,000 in value. Click here to learn more about the prizes, rules and regulations.

Be part of the Voloe movement and help turn someone's dreams into a reality.


Voloe is an online network designed to help you make a list to then share with friends and family. Making others aware of your goals, wishes, and dreams will give them meaningful knowledge into who you are and how they can support you. Voloe's theory is that social media could be used for this greater purpose. We believe so strongly in our theory that we commit to award nearly $1.0 million in estimated value to Voloe users to help prove it. For more information please visit:



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