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Social networking sites are in the process of becoming the new way to shop while you surf. They are increasingly becoming the default platform to finding inexpensive alternatives to items found on dedicated shopping sites, as well as earning points when you sell things.

Here’s the lowdown on how to make social networking sites work for you, and save you money.

How to buy on Facebook
In the same way that Facebook makes it easy to connect with old and new friends, you can help contact individuals, retailers and brands to buy and sell items.

Use as using EBAY
Sales of virtual tags are huge on Facebook, the most popular social network. To find a group near you, simply do a search for “yard sale” or “garage sale” or “tag out” and insert your city, county or ZIP code. Read the “About” section to learn the rules of how to advertise posts as these tend to vary from group to group.

To buy an item advertised in a post, comment on it or send a message to the seller. To sell an article you need to publish a photo, price, and a detailed description of the item including measurements, any imperfections the item may have, and other relevant details. Be sure to check back often, including the “Other” folder in your FB inbox. This is where messages gather from those who are not on your friends’ list. Note that these messages are only visible on your computer, and not on mobile devices. We like that it is less anonymous than Craigslist, because you can see photos and, depending on their security settings, profiles of people with whom you are doing business. And the integrated FB contact system means you do not have to give personal information. In addition, you buy and sell locally, eliminating wait times and handling. Just be cautious when it comes to people who you do not know. If you have to meet with them, make sure it is in a public place, and ask a friend to accompany you

Click “buy”
Last July Facebook began rolling out a button to purchase items that allows you to click to purchase items directly from the vendor or manufacturer on the right side of the feed.

How to buy on Pinterest
With more than 30,000 million “pins” of attractive items, Pinterest is already a great place to turn to when you are shopping online, even if you did not click on any links or have bought anything.

Get coupons
Type “discount vouchers” or “promo codes” in the search bar to find codes saving money announced by brands and bloggers.Use pins product
These pins are the price and information about the items that you like. Add them to your table and receive an email when the price drops. Just click on the pin to see and buy the product on the retailer’s website.

Purchase advertisements
The program ‘’Promoted Pins’’ lets retailers pay to place ads in the form of pins, which then appear in your feed as things that have previously sought or followed. You can click Promoted Pins to connect to the retailer’s website and purchase the item shown in the photo. How to buy on InstagramUse applications

Start following your favourite designers, brands and shops that you like on Instagram. Find them by putting the company name in the search bar, then use procurement services Like2Buy and LikeToKnow.It to purchase items easily. Did you find something you like at Target, HauteLook, World Market, or Nordstrom? You can click on “like2b.uy” for price and purchase the item. Also visit LikeToKnow.It to register, and every time you like a product by clicking the little heart, the service emails you a link you can use to buy the item. Vogue, Hervé Léger, Racked.com, and others use this service.

Search hashtags
If you want to clean your closet and find opportunities in the closet of another person, hashtags are your best bet. Search #OnlineShop, #ForSale and #IGShop to find people who are selling items. Remember to tag your own blog posts if you are wanting to sell items so people can find you. Instagram photos usually include price and product details as well as the preferred method to contact the seller. Payments are usually made via PayPal, and the seller will send you the product when payment is confirmed.

How to buy on Twitter
Last September Twitter began testing the button “Buy” which allows users to buy items directly from tweets. Twitter promises users will see offers and exclusive products, all based on who they follow and what tweets they send.

The payment information is automatically saved after the first purchase (go to your profile if you want to delete). The program began with 28 brands, musicians and non-profits, including Home Depot, DonorsChoose.org and Pharrell Williams. Twitter has announced that it plans to add more partners and eligible users.

Link to AMAZON
If you love Amazon, you can buy via Twitter, using the hashtag #AmazonCart. Just go to Amazon to connect your Twitter account. Then, if you see a tweet with a link to an Amazon product, it will respond with the hashtag, and just that simply, the object of your desire is added to your shopping cart. However, this only works for public accounts, which means that other users will also see what you add to your shopping cart.

Source: money-marketuk.com

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