Irish people spend an average of two hours on social media every day

Irish people spend an average of two hours on social media every day, a study has revealed.
We spend the most time on Facebook (at 37%) followed by WhatsApp (17%), and YouTube (10%).
The majority of people in Meath, Westmeath, and Wexford spend a shocking seven hours a day on social media, according to a survey carried out by Sky Broadband.
Most people use social media for networking but more and more people are using it to check the news (19%) and watching box sets (10%).
Over half of 18 to 34-year-olds prefer watching and downloading movies on a smart device.
Around 35% of those surveyed said they watched films online.
Donegal was at the top with 28% of people spending up to seven hours a week watching films online.
The national average was 2.6 hours a week of watching movies online.
The study, which researched online habits, surveyed a total of 1,001 Irish people.
Nearly 80% of people described themselves as online shoppers with the national average online spend coming to about €102 per month.
Clothes, fashion accessories, plane and concert tickets were the most popular purchases online.


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