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Google is continuously working on its services, spinning them off with their own identity and according to some tech pundits; this could be a signal for a new wave in social networking.

Just recently, Google Photos became a standalone app by moving away from Google+. The same is also happening with Google Hangouts as the application has again received its own standalone Hangout in the form of a Web version. Yes, you read it right!

Starting a few days ago, the users of Google Hangouts can access this chat, talk and video solution from Google, right from their web browsers. The good thing with this latest addition is that it offers the same functionality as that available in Gmail, Inbox or in Google+, among other Google products. All you need is to visit the page at and sign in to your account to start chatting with friends.

So, why launch a Google Hangouts for Web service?

Google has a lot of services it offers the users already and for sure, many would think it is time for the company to go into electric car making, for example. However, it is still directing its efforts in the social networking world with more and better services for its dedicated millions of users. Well, some might think the new Hangouts is meant to give users a new feel as opposed to the usual experience they get with the app, we have different thoughts about the same.

Just recently, Microsoft launched Skype for Web and for sure, this can’t be a coincidence. Earlier, this year, Facebook rolled out WhatsApp Web for the users of the famous WhatsApp and in the previous year, the social networking giant’s Messenger app had also received a web version. Here, it seems these companies want users to use these services outside the usual scope and hence the web versions.

Web versions are easier to use than integrated apps

When you look at the new Google Hangouts for Web user interface, you will notice that everything is within reach, which is quite opposite with the integrated app. The layout of the Web version is perfectly done which makes using it easier than when on the original tool. The settings of the app are more visible on this web version when compared to the integrated app, which requires that you really know where they are located.

There is no doubt that this is the right direction Google is taking as far as communication is concerned. If you are looking for a solid Skype alternative, the latest Google Hangouts is something worth trying.


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