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First-of-Its-Kind Money Making Social Media Network Launches Today the First-Ever Social Networthing® Site Allows Users to Monetize Their Daily Social Media Activities.

Users Have More Than 100 Ways to Earn "Sqeeqee Bucks" and Nine Ways to Monetize Their Profiles.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, the first-of-its-kind money making social media network - Social Networthing® site - launches today, allowing users to monetize their daily social networking activities in unprecedented ways.
The Social Networthing® site gives users more than 100 ways to earn "Sqeeqee Bucks," known as "$Q Bucks," nine unique monetization features, and the opportunity to invest, crowdfund, donate to charities, shop and more.

"Sqeeqee is to Facebook as Facebook was to MySpace; the evolution of what social networking should be, which is Social Networthing®," says Jenny Q. Ta, CEO and founder of "Sqeeqee combines the best features from the leading social media sites and takes the social networking phenomenon further by allowing users to earn money doing the things they would normally be doing under one roof."

Everyday actions such as adding buddies, online shopping, posting videos or photos, playing virtual games, or selling goods will earn users $Q Bucks. New users will also automatically start with 10,000 $Q Bucks to begin their exploration of the site. 10,000 $Q Bucks equals $1.

FREE iOS APP: Offers Free iOS App for iPhones and iPads

$Q Bucks can be redeemed for real life rewards including cash as well as gift cards from world-class retailers such as Starbucks, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Target, Outback, Home Depot and many others. $Q Bucks can be used to make purchases in the Sqeeqee Shop, to help create an advertisement, can be donated to charity and much more.

Sqeeqee offers nine ways for users to monetize their profiles, a few examples include a 50% split on advertisements created or sold for the lifetime of the advertisement. If an app or game is posted the developer would keep 70% of the revenue for the lifetime of the app. There is no charge for personal items sold on the site for under $5 and a flat $.99 fee for products sold for more. Please click this link explaining all nine ways to monetize.

FREE ANDROID APP: Offers Free Android App for Mobile and Tablet

Sqeeqee is free, open to all users ages 13 and over and is an open network allowing users to grow their online network without restrictions.

The site was created by Jenny Q. Ta, a financial entrepreneur who previously founded and sold two financial companies, Titan Securities and Vantage Investments. Ta grew up in Vietnam, came to the U.S. during the war, was raised on welfare and became a millionaire by 27.

Virtually, every move you make on Sqeeqee will earn $Q Bucks, here are just a few of examples of the more than 100 ways: Registration earns 10,000, inviting friends through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will earn 10, create an ad will earn 5, logging in earns 1, and making a comment earns 1. A number of these activities can be done more than once per day and users can make more than 350 $Q Bucks per day.

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Below are some of the unique features on Sqeeqee:

Shop: A wide-range of goods and services are available in the Sqeeqee shop such as books, toys, shoes, tech gadgets, gift cards, custom T-shirts, etc. Products available both new and used.

Shark Bank: This is the feature for investors that are looking for projects to invest in. A "Shark" can initiate their interest and the innovators and entrepreneurs can pitch them ideas.

Project Info: This feature allows entrepreneurs to seek crowdfunding for projects.

Charity Bank: A fundraising feature for individuals, groups and organizations. Create a charity campaign today and start accepting donations for your cause.

Deals and Coupons: Enables people to find coupons, or to offer coupons to help promote their own business.

Read: Female Founder of Social Media Monetization Platform Is Another Trailblazer is available in eleven languages, including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and Spanish.

For more information please visit on Twitter and YouTube.

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