CBSE advises kids to stop social networking

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on its helpline website has asked students to refrain from logging onto to social networking sites, messaging and using cellphones because these serve as big distraction from studies. "Recreation is not bad if done in moderation. At this juncture, you need self-control and try to refrain from logging onto the internet," the helpline said.

Nowadays children are hooked to social networking sites, cellphones and internet to relax between long hours of studies. "During self-study when I have any doubt I immediately whatsapp it to my friends. Apart from discussing studies, social networking sites and messages help in relieving the stress," said Manasi Debta, a student of class X.

Reader in psychology in Utkal University Namita Mohanty said, "It is quite common that students feel an urge to connect with friends on phone and websites, but it is advisable that during examinations they should not waste their valuable time." She said, as the board exams are approaching number of anxious calls from parents and students have gone up significantly.

Completely banning these facilities may affect children, she said, adding, "Peer group interaction is equally important and so we cannot deprive them from social networking sites or cellphones. Sometimes they may revolt or they may feel depressed. Parents must fix a particular time for these activities."

The Class X and XII CBSE board examinations will start from March 2 while Class XII and Class X under ICSE board will start on February 26 and 27 respectively. The HSC examinations are scheduled from February 26.

"Overuse of internet and mobile will strain eyes, headache and irritations. It may also lead to stress, depression and a lot of physical anxiety during examination," said city-based psychiatrist S K Mishra.

Principal of SAI International School Harish Sanduja said, "It is not at all advisable to remain aloof from any social interaction though we have imposed some restrictions." "Though pre-summative tests have already started, we have asked parents to be strict on judicious use of time. Children must not waste their time in relaxing," said teacher of DAV Public School, Pokhariput, Sakti Prasanna Mohanty.


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