Researchers Find That Social Media Can Make You Happier or Miserable

Social media has its many virtues and vices. Some believe people are becoming less social as a result of social media; others say it’s bringing us closer than ever.

People adopt diferrent personas for social media sites

New York, Apr 16 (PTI) People adopt unique personas for different social networking sites such as Facbook or LinkedIn, researchers including one of Indian origin have found.

Facebook's Town Hall Finds Your Elected Officials

Unlike the government, which some criticize as an inefficient behemoth and others praise as an inefficient behemoth by design, Facebook's new Town Hall feature is streamlined and devoid of controversy: it simply tells you the two most crucial bits of information for civic participation: who your elected officials are, and when you need to vote.

Twitter and Instagram Take Steps to Clean Up Their Sites

Social networking companies used by millions of people face a dilemma. They want users to post content freely, but they are also under growing pressure to block objectionable material like pornography, violence as well as bad acts like cyber-bullying.
This week, both Instagram and Twitter announced steps aimed at making their sites safer. The goal is to protect users from potentially objectionable posts while trying to avoid going overboard with censorship.


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