Why Apple Would Rather Have a Sticker App Than a Social Network


On Tuesday, Apple quietly unveiled a new app, Clips. The app, a bright, playful photo- and video-editing app that lets you create FOMO fodder for social media quickly and easily on a mobile device, is a mishmash of pervasive mobile trends: artsy filters, cute stickers, subtitles. It’s not necessarily an uncharacteristic move for the increasingly less austere Apple (once you let users add lasers to their iMessages, the door is open to anything), but it’s also a bit hard to place: It looks like a social network. But where exactly is the network?

Social media making us lonely and uncommunicative, says survey


More than 85% of the respondents, who were part of the survey, said they often and sometimes by force of habit checked their smartphones for Facebook notifications or WatsApp messages.(Shutterstock).

Spending two or more hours on social media can drastically hamper one’s social skills. A survey conducted by an NGO shows that social networking sites affect one’s interpersonal skills needed to live a happy life.

Use of Social Media Leads to Isolation, Psychologists Reveal


If we take a look at the time when there was no Facebook or Twitter etc. we will come to know that how swiftly our lives have changed. Use of Social Media Leads to Isolation, Psychologists Reveal.

Social media sites have taken over our lives. Everything has its own pros and cons and so does social media sites. According to psychologists, the sites that have been designed to help people connect are veritably evoking them to feel more alone.

Facebook chief Zuckerberg posts manifesto defending social media


Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg mounted a broad defence of social media on Thursday, taking on growing concerns about his company’s contribution to everything from recruitment by terrorists to the spread of fake news.

In a 5,700 word treatise posted on the social network, the 32-year-old founder also laid out ideas that could lead Facebook increasingly into new forms of social engineering, as it intervenes more directly to ensure that interactions on its site do not have negative effects.


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