Cyber attacks disrupt PayPal, Twitter, other sites

By Joseph Menn, Jim Finkle and Dustin Volz
Hackers unleashed a complex attack on the internet through common devices like webcams and digital recorders and cut access to some of the world's best known websites on Friday, a stunning breach of global internet stability.

The attacks struck Twitter, Paypal, Spotify and other customers of an infrastructure company in New Hampshire called Dyn, which acts as a switchboard for internet traffic.

Social Media Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Social networking has become an integral part of everyday business and life. It’s how we communicate and where we get our news. Marketing utilizes social media to promote products and services. The NFL even live broadcasts games and fan interaction on Twitter. The majority of Americans are active on social media, and most of us are sharing just about everything there.

SHE'S BACK Kim Kardashian FINALLY returns to social media and goes on a huge deleting spree following terrifying Paris gunpoint robbery ordeal

The reality star came back online to have a purge of her social media circle.

KIM Kardashian has returned to social media and gone a mass purge of her Twitter account – following her terrifying ordeal at the hands of armed robbers.

On Wednesday, Kim appeared to pick a number of people she followed on the social networking site and deleted them so she no longer could see their tweets.
This is the first time she has been active on social media since she was targeted by an armed gang in Paris on 3 October.

Workplace by Facebook opens to sell enterprise social networking to the masses

After 20 months in a closed beta under the working title Facebook at Work, (as we predicted it would the other week) today Facebook is finally bringing its enterprise-focused messaging and social networking service to market under a new name, Workplace.

It’s not only armed with a new brand: Workplace is launching with a new kind of pricing model based on Facebook-style monthly active user metrics; and some pretty big ambitions after picking up 1,000 organizations as customers while still in its free, pilot mode (up from 100 a year ago).


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